In-House Services

Reliable Truss offers a wide range of in-house design and engineering services.

Registered Engineer Double Computer Screens

Registered Engineers

Reliable Truss has on staff a 30+ year veteran PE of the light frame wood industry and truss expert. We also have a second engineer with 20+ years in the wood framed industry. This talent allows us to develop unique solutions in a timely manner and to serve our customers unlike any other component manufacturer. We are licensed in all New England states, and coming soon will be NY & NJ.


Registered Engineer Signs Stamped National Lumber Plans

Stamps for All Territories We Deliver To

Many states require building plans to be stamped by a licensed architect or engineer. Our engineering team will provide installation review reports with a punch list and certified affidavits to building inspectors.

Prefabricated Custom Structures

Prefabricated Custom Structures

Custom prefabrication of structural elements such as dormers can save you time and labor on the jobsite. Look through our brochure for examples. Then contact us about your project needs. If we can ship it, we can build it.


Reliable Truss Insulated Headers

Insulated Headers

We have innovative solutions to help you meet energy efficiency requirements. Instead of having to add insulation on the job site, we have ready-made headers available in several standard sizes, plus others can be manufactured with a 2 week lead-time.

Learn more about Reliable Truss Insulated Headers in our flyer (PDF)