Wood Trusses and Wall Panels

Reliable Truss has been manufacturing wood trusses to New England builders since 1954. We also design & manufacture wood wall panels, as well as offer precision end trim services.

Reliable's marketplace currently includes Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

Reliable's wall panel line is unique to the wall panel component manufacturing process. In 2005, to complement our panel design team that had been together for over 10 years, we brought online our wall panel factory. The panel line is supplied by MiTek/PCS equipment and consists of a unique marriage of various assembly components and supporting equipment such as a 6 axis saw. Highly improved saw setup time means that what was once measured in minutes is now accomplished in seconds.

Specialized cutting equipment permits Reliable to offer precision trimmed framing and pre-cut frame packages. Our manufacturing facility effectively processes wall panel components for cost-effective solutions to field framing problems such as inlet cabinet and handrail blocking, pre-drilled holes for electrical runs, pre-installed hold-down hardware and whatever needs tomorrow may bring.

The wood roof truss line consists of a 110’ gantry table with dual roof tracker gantry rollers, of which 68’ contains the latest Mitek Matchpoint  Planx system. We are also equipped with Virtek laser projectors. The lasers project the geometry of the truss to the nearest 16th of an inch, minimizing setup time and allowing more trusses to be produced per day. This enables everyone’s project to remain on schedule.

Open web metal plate connected floor truss production is accomplished with a double end eject MiTek FloorTracker truss table. This table is only the fourth of its kind in the world.

Experience enables us to anticipate issues and provide fast solutions to keep your project on schedule. In-house designers experienced in MiTek's MVP (MiTek Virtual Plant) wood truss structural design software enable us to provide quality and speed in production.

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